In this section, you can learn more about the impact of Beyond Recovery’s work on its beneficiaries. You can watch a case study about our work with John which enabled him to turn his life around and focus on helping others. You can also watch a short testimonial from a partner organisation which has been closely involved with our work in HMP Onley. Soon this page will  host many more video testimonies about the impact of Beyond Recovery’s work.


Many of the people we work with at Beyond Recovery are still in custody and so it is not possible to film them or take pictures. This video was made following a testimonial from ‘John’ using his own words.

John was in custody with a long prison sentence for a violent crime. Following his attendance on our introduction programme, John decided that he would like to learn more. He had a profound insight into the nature of humanity and realised that hurting one person is the same as hurting yourself. He felt great remorse and love for the people he had hurt and realised that he could start making a difference whilst still in custody by helping others.


In this video the testimonial given by Scott Davidson is read out during a short video that was shared at a mental health conference. Scott, the manager of Phoenix Futures championed the introduction of Beyond Recovery as an innovative part of his service provision at HMP Onley. Scott was impressed by the results of the programme, described as ‘phenomenal’. Scott became intrigued by the paradigm being taught and following his own explorations was personally impacted and his life affected.



Founded in 2015, Beyond Recovery is a social enterprise whose mission is to revolutionise the way addiction and mental health are viewed and treated. Our timeline  shows the key milestones in the Beyond Recovery journey so far.



Jacqueline talks about why she started Beyond Recovery; how everything gets created from nothing and how once we get out of our own way, we see we are always in the flow of life.



See the difference Beyond Recovery has made to a number of our beneficiaries. A series of case studies,  with more testimonies in beneficiaries’ own words in preparation.



What I love most about Jacqueline is her unwavering passion and enthusiasm for the work she does and the people she works with. Jacqueline is dedicated to supporting not just the vulnerable but anyone who walks into her life. She’s a very genuine, very warm lovely woman and I’ve learnt so much about myself, about business and about working with others through working with Jacqueline.

Anna Debenham

Three Principles Coach/Trainer


I have worked with Jacqueline as a facilitator on the training we do in Prison in Onley, Rugby. I have loved working alongside Jacqueline, she has a wonderful ‘can-do’ attitude which is infectious. She encourages and develops us. Her work has had amazing effects on the prisoners and the staff and many of the staff already comment how much positive effect the work has had on the prisoners and their attitude day to day.

Susan Marmot

Three Principles Practitioner


Beyond Recovery are revolutionising the way we understand and treat addiction and mental health. I can’t say enough good things about the incredible work they are doing, and this is just the beginning! Jacqueline is an inspiration. I am proud to be associated with Beyond Recovery and it is a delight and a privilege to work with her.

Paul Lock

Founder, Innate Thought