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All You Need Is Love

The following video was created for the 3PUK conference in London 2019.  Created in honour of all the many people who lovingly share the understanding that the late Syd Banks left as his legacy.  In all of our work, no matter who the population is, we have discovered one simple fact: All you need is love.  (music by Dave Koz and friends)

Freedom exists within the prison of our Mind

The video below is of a webinar which Jacqueline delivered for the Three Principles Global Community. 3PGC is a unifying body committed to increasing the impact of the Principles throughout the world.

Introduction to the webinar

It seems to me that we never realise that we live within the prison of our Mind.  In my work with people in prison and the people looking after those in prison I came to realise that freedom is really and truly a state of mind and nothing to do with our circumstances.  In my work with people seemingly trapped in addiction or mental health issues I came to realise that peace is a natural resource and nothing to do with how much self development I do or how many practices I have.

Freedom exists within the prison of our Mind because the prison is created in our Mind.  When we get just a glimpse of something beyond our personal thinking we get a glimpse of that freedom and it resets us to our natural state.

The most powerful thing for me has been seeing how that natural state shows up in so many bespoke ways and so powerfully and awesomely both in my own life and in the lives of the people I work with.