Alan Milledge

 A  former Property Developer, Al grew up thinking each day was supposed to be won or lost. He came to realise life can be a gentle adventure when seen as moments to be lived in the now!

Derrick Mason

Always thought he was not good enough until Derrick saw past his own thinking and got a love fuelled glimpse of himself.


Gary Burton

 has been in business since the eighties and Gary sees that in any profession there is always more to be seen when you stop looking in all the same old places.





Jacqueline Hollows (MamaJ)

From a trauma informed childhood, to project management,  Jaqueline founded Beyond Recovery  in 2015 and  has impacted hundreds of lives, and counting!


Kate Mathur

Formerly a business analyst, Kate’s tendency was to arduously think her way to solutions. Until she saw answers showing up effortlessly in that quiet space beyond her personal thoughts.




Omar Wilson

 was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia and thought that defined who he was, until Omar taught himself to read and write, uncovering a love for reading.