Beyond Recovery works with people affected by the Criminal Justice System, addiction and gambling related harms.

Our pioneering work is to share an understanding of how the experience of life is created from within our own minds.     

 OUR AIMS: We help people look beyond mere survival and existence, and move forward, with hope, resilience and purpose in life. The impact of this work creates far reaching ripple effects in communities, relationships, careers, business opportunities as well as complete recovery from previously intractable diagnosis’s.

The work of Beyond Recovery is based on an approach called the Three Principles, which was described as having a common sense simplicity with intellectual credibility [Kessel 2017] – this differs from many other approaches to tackling human problems in one fundamental way: it focuses on teaching health rather than treating illness. The model is rooted in a belief that we all have inner mental good health and teaches individuals how to access and sustain this health, regardless to circumstances.


Founded by Jacqueline Hollows, Beyond Recovery is a social enterprise that helps people look beyond stigma and restriction. It is not events, circumstances, or people that are the source of our well-being, it is our own created thoughts that give us meaningful experiences from moment to moment. Realising this helps to uncover our true identity and tap into our resilience and potential. Beyond Recovery provides support for Prison residents and their families through our Buddies Scheme, as well as supporting them upon release with our community groups, webinars and also weekly Academy meetings. Continually pointing to, its our innate wellbeing that leads us to our infinite potential.  



We now work with our community members who engage in our new Distance Learning  Buddy Scheme with HMP residents from all over the country.

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Beyond Recovery is a fast growing organisation which also offers a wide range of support to communities including live talks, webinars,  programmes, and of coarse our famous VIP experience — a ten week wellbeing programme.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about the Three Principles, please read our overview here. If you’d like to dig deeper, this page contains links to a wide range of resources including books, CDs and DVDs, and online resources.

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What I love most about Jacqueline is her unwavering passion and enthusiasm for the work she does and the people she works with. Jacqueline is dedicated to supporting not just the vulnerable but anyone who walks into her life. She’s a very genuine, very warm lovely woman and I’ve learnt so much about myself, about business and about working with others through working with Jacqueline.

Anna Debenham

Three Principles Coach/Trainer


I have worked with Jacqueline as a facilitator on the training we do in Prison in Onley, Rugby. I have loved working alongside Jacqueline, she has a wonderful ‘can-do’ attitude which is infectious. She encourages and develops us. Her work has had amazing effects on the prisoners and the staff and many of the staff already comment how much positive effect the work has had on the prisoners and their attitude day to day.

Susan Marmot

Three Principles Practitioner


Beyond Recovery are revolutionising the way we understand and treat addiction and mental health. I can’t say enough good things about the incredible work they are doing, and this is just the beginning! Jacqueline is an inspiration. I am proud to be associated with Beyond Recovery and it is a delight and a privilege to work with her.

Paul Lock

Founder, Innate Thought


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