Beyond Recovery is passionate about people seeing the infinite potential of themselves and taking inspired action for societal change, whether that involves Beyond Recovery or they develop their own projects. This page contains information about and links to the range of activities we deliver to help develop individuals who want to help others through the Three Principles approach.


Our free Wisdom Entrepreneurs programme aims to help people recognise that their blend of uniqueness and access to wisdom has the potential to create anything they want to create, and be anything they want to be.

We have a growing interactive Facebook community and hold regular webinars.

For more information, join the Wisdom Entrepreneurs Facebook group or visit our News and Events page.


We also hold three-day MindSpa retreats, where you can relax and explore where wellbeing and resiliency comes from and how we can all access it regardless of our circumstances.

Even the most positive and optimistic people will inevitably experience personal and professional setbacks and challenges. It is how quickly we rebound from these setbacks and how much baggage we carry forward that makes all the difference. Our resilience is equally linked with our ability to access our clarity of mind and calm at times of challenge and uncertainty.

For more information, visit the MindSpa website or visit our News and Events page.

You can see how impactful MindSpa retreats can be by reading the testimonials from recent participants below.

“I cannot tell you how much I loved the MindSpa; I got so much out of it and have had moments of feeling complete joy even though things remain tricky. I have been really thinking about well being and when I thrive, and will continue to explore that. I felt utter joy, happiness and peace. None of these words are enough to express what I experienced with Jacqueline and Paul.”

“I’ve realised I am resilient, which means I can handle anything, I’ve never experienced this deep feeling of peace ever before in my life.”

“I went to the MindSpa and still don’t have words to describe just how amazing it was and deeply moving. Oh, the beautiful people bubbling away and popping like champagne. It’s the way that the elements combine… it’s rich in facilitation, environment, witnessing, listening, stillness… spaciousness inside, outside, everywhere.”

“I used to think my busy thoughts were helping me, now I see that they can get in the way! After having returned to work, I feel more productive.”


Although there are many great Three Principles ‘practitioner training programmes’ in existence none of them offer actual work or client experiences. Beyond Recovery have designed their own work experience programme to meet two pragmatic requirements:

1: Assist in providing valuable work experience for people wishing to share the Three Principles to create social change

2: Provide bespoke ‘internships’ for each participant enabling people to gain the hands on experience plus witness the ‘behind the scenes’ of a growing social enterprise.

For further information, get in touch with us direct.


Our vision is to help everyone we work with – service users and professionals – to see their infinite potential and to take inspired action to change society for the better, whether they work with us at Beyond Recovery or develop their own projects. Below are just some of our “graduates” who have gone on to make a difference by applying the Three Principles in their own way.

Anna Debenham

Anna Debenham did her work experience with Jacqueline Hollows and was involved with Beyond Recovery’s successful work at HMP Onley. She subsequently emigrated to Portland, Oregon and has established her own Three Principles work with people in the criminal justice system via her own organisation, the Insight Alliance.









What I love most about Jacqueline is her unwavering passion and enthusiasm for the work she does and the people she works with. Jacqueline is dedicated to supporting not just the vulnerable but anyone who walks into her life. She’s a very genuine, very warm lovely woman and I’ve learnt so much about myself, about business and about working with others through working with Jacqueline.

Anna Debenham

Three Principles Coach/Trainer


I have worked with Jacqueline as a facilitator on the training we do in Prison in Onley, Rugby. I have loved working alongside Jacqueline, she has a wonderful ‘can-do’ attitude which is infectious. She encourages and develops us. Her work has had amazing effects on the prisoners and the staff and many of the staff already comment how much positive effect the work has had on the prisoners and their attitude day to day.

Susan Marmot

Three Principles Practitioner


Beyond Recovery are revolutionising the way we understand and treat addiction and mental health. I can’t say enough good things about the incredible work they are doing, and this is just the beginning! Jacqueline is an inspiration. I am proud to be associated with Beyond Recovery and it is a delight and a privilege to work with her.

Paul Lock

Founder, Innate Thought




Social Enterprise Mark