Virtual Impact Programme

Are you compelled to make social change? Do you want to work alongside friends, families and communities affected by the Criminal Justice System? If so, the Virtual Impact Programme (VIP) is for you.

We have created the VIP specifically to integrate people from different backgrounds and instigate social change. The programme shares the Three Principles understanding and is based on a 10-session curriculum, delivered weekly via Zoom. Participants also benefit from in-depth online one-to-one sessions with the programme facilitators
– Jacqueline, Derrick and Omar.

If you would like to sign up, visit our Eventbrite page by clicking here.

Or, if you would prefer to have an initial conversation with Derrick or Omar, please email [email protected]


Virtual Impact Programme

Discovering Our True Path - Living Beyond Habits & Addictions

We are meant to live a life filled with joy, love, and wisdom. It is our true nature to live in happiness. Compulsive habits and addictions are learned ways that take us away from a life of joy.  The good news is that we can transcend these learned habits and addictions. We can access joy, love, and contentment at any time.

Jacqueline Hollows MSc and Mark Howard PHD want to share with you an understanding of principles that leads to accessing our true nature. Through insight and realisation of these three principles, it is possible to discover our true path towards contentment and health.

We are offering a six-session online class designed to provide the guiding principles that lead all of us beyond addictions and habits to joy, love, and contentment.

For more information and to sign up, click here.


Wisdom Entrepreneurs is a community of people who are interested in uncovering their infinite potential through deep, connected conversation and insight. The Wisdom Entrepreneurs webinar series takes place each Monday evening at 18:00hrs UK time and is hosted by members of Beyond Recovery and Beyond Truth. There is also an active Wisdom Entrepreneurs Facebook group in which we live stream our discussions.

To sign up for the next free-of-charge Wisdom Entrepreneurs Zoom call, click here.

Please note: Wisdom Entrepreneurs is taking a break from the 14th December 2020 to 4th January 2021.


Our wellbeing and resilience retreat – Mind Spa – is a full three days in which you are invited to relax and explore where wellbeing and resilience comes from, and how we can access it, regardless of our circumstances. Mind Spa is led by Jacqueline Hollows and Paul Lock and is funded by participant donations.

If you work or live in an environment where your wellbeing, peace of mind and resilience are being tested, or you simply want to spend time exploring some deeper truths, the Mind Spa retreat is for you!

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