Since we started in 2014, Beyond Recovery’s work has been continually growing and evolving.

We  now have two returned citizens as directors of Beyond Recovery for 2 years they’ve  both  played an integral part in Beyond Recovery’s growth.  Since Covid19 Beyond Recovery has had to adapt and one of the many wonderful things to come out of that was our Distance Learning Buddy Scheme where Beyond Recovery pair  HMP residents with people from varied backgrounds, they complete our three part DL packs then correspond with each other via secure prison email to share what comes up for them.  More often than not  beautifully pointing each individual  to the similarities of human beings. Seeing through that self imposed stigma, stereotypes and  barriers. Beyond Recovery also work with community organisations and professionals within the Criminal Justice System and addiction services; and social entrepreneurs.

Our programmes aim to uncover the innate wellbeing in all people, and point them to where their experience of life is coming from in the moment. So instead of the thinking that tells us experience comes from external factors, we demonstrate how people’s experience is coming completely from their own use of thought in the moment.

The changes we hope for are that as people access their own innate well being, and as they realise the ‘inside out’ nature of life, they get better. They feel better, their life gets easier and they start to see different things about their lives.

In this section of our site, you can find further information on six key areas:


The Three Principles model differs from many other approaches to tackling human problems in one fundamental way: it focuses on teaching health rather than treating illness. The model is rooted in a belief that we all have inner mental good health and teaches individuals how to access and sustain this health.



Beyond Recovery uses REAP to create sustainable change and unleash innate abilities. Working with individuals with histories of addiction and offending, we assist with discovering possibility, achieving potential and realising ambition.



Beyond Recovery is committed to providing the most effective service we can and all our work is rigorously evaluated to help us continuously improve it.



Beyond Recovery is currently delivering evidence-based programmes in category B and C prisons in the UK, in addition to working with community organisations and professionals who work within the Criminal Justice System.



Beyond Recovery is passionate about people seeing the infinite potential of themselves and taking inspired action for societal change. Our Wisdom Entrepreneurs programme and MindSpa retreats are aimed at professionals.



The next exciting phase of our work is The Academy, where participants can continue to be involved after their release from prison.



What I love most about Jacqueline is her unwavering passion and enthusiasm for the work she does and the people she works with. Jacqueline is dedicated to supporting not just the vulnerable but anyone who walks into her life. She’s a very genuine, very warm lovely woman and I’ve learnt so much about myself, about business and about working with others through working with Jacqueline.

Anna Debenham

Three Principles Coach/Trainer


I have worked with Jacqueline as a facilitator on the training we do in Prison in Onley, Rugby. I have loved working alongside Jacqueline, she has a wonderful ‘can-do’ attitude which is infectious. She encourages and develops us. Her work has had amazing effects on the prisoners and the staff and many of the staff already comment how much positive effect the work has had on the prisoners and their attitude day to day.

Susan Marmot

Three Principles Practitioner


Beyond Recovery are revolutionising the way we understand and treat addiction and mental health. I can’t say enough good things about the incredible work they are doing, and this is just the beginning! Jacqueline is an inspiration. I am proud to be associated with Beyond Recovery and it is a delight and a privilege to work with her.

Paul Lock

Founder, Innate Thought


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