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Although Beyond Recovery was only founded in 2014, we have already developed a wide range of work inside and outside of the criminal justice system and developed dozens of individuals committed to change society.

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2 days ago

Beyond Recovery Journal

SAVE THE DATE Thurs 23rd May at 8pm BST the premiere of our video for the forthcoming 3PUK conference is being screened. Click the link and select notify or subscribe to be reminded of the event.

We will be watching with you and you can comment on the YouTube watch page as the premiere shows. This will be available as a normal YouTube video once the premiere is over.

We hope to see you there ❤️ Please SHARE with your friends!
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2 weeks ago

Beyond Recovery Journal

A little snippet of the latest group in HMP Nottingham - clear heads = Safer prisons with Paul Lock Art Alan Milledge Debbie Hemming
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Do you feel ready or do you still doubt? Are you enough? Do you know enough? What about if you screw up? What happens if ...

In my experience we rarely feel ready for what life throws at us. We always want one more course, one more bit of help. We may feel like it’s ok for so and so but they have it easy because.... full in the blank.

This post is not a precursor to selling you something that will magically make you feel ready. It’s a post to tell you it’s normal, and you are already enough. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and see what shows up and then do it again. If you fall off the bike when your learning to ride do you get back on again or do you do something else?

No one knows how life unfolds. So keep following the breadcrumbs and see where the path leads. Confidence comes from action not thinking
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4 weeks ago

Beyond Recovery Journal

David’s journey continues to inspire me, his depth of understanding and ability to keep looking beyond his own thinking to survive outside of a system he has been in for the last 15 years is a joy and a lesson for us all ... See MoreSee Less

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What I love most about Jacqueline is her unwavering passion and enthusiasm for the work she does and the people she works with. Jacqueline is dedicated to supporting not just the vulnerable but anyone who walks into her life. She’s a very genuine, very warm lovely woman and I’ve learnt so much about myself, about business and about working with others through working with Jacqueline.

Anna Debenham

Three Principles Coach/Trainer


I have worked with Jacqueline as a facilitator on the training we do in Prison in Onley, Rugby. I have loved working alongside Jacqueline, she has a wonderful ‘can-do’ attitude which is infectious. She encourages and develops us. Her work has had amazing effects on the prisoners and the staff and many of the staff already comment how much positive effect the work has had on the prisoners and their attitude day to day.

Susan Marmot

Three Principles Practitioner


Beyond Recovery are revolutionising the way we understand and treat addiction and mental health. I can’t say enough good things about the incredible work they are doing, and this is just the beginning! Jacqueline is an inspiration. I am proud to be associated with Beyond Recovery and it is a delight and a privilege to work with her.

Paul Lock

Founder, Innate Thought