In August 2020, Jacqueline Hollows – founder and CEO of Beyond Recovery – took up running to remain physically and mentally fit during the lockdown. She was surprised to be bitten by the running bug after realising she could achieve much more than she had believed possible. Now she has created and launched a YouTube running channel to inspire others to run.

Couch to 5K, anyone?

Jacqueline began her running journey with the decision to sign up for Couch to 5K, so she could get out into nature and continue to exercise during the Covid-19 restrictions. She set up a virtual running group with several Beyond Recovery colleagues and friends and started to vlog her progress. After noticing that her videos encouraged people to run and move more, she decided to create a running channel to inspire others to run and show “anyone can do anything they put their minds to“.

Running and Beyond

You can view Jacqueline’s running channel, Running and Beyond, here. Her videos chart the progress she has made from complete novice to regular 10 km runner. Jacqueline also shares what she’s learned along the way, hoping that it will inspire others to give running a go.

I’m loving creating these videos of my running journey. It seems impossible to me that I was never interested in running, yet now the joy seeps out of me every time!” said Jacqueline. All we have to do is ignore the thinking we have that tells us we can’t do something because of… (just fill in the blanks)”, she explained. “I still have days when my head fills with all the reasons I CAN’T run, but now I tell that voice to mind its own business, and I go out running anyway!”

Moving 2 Remember

Jacqueline and her fellow WhatsApp group runners are currently supporting ‘Moving 2 Remember Gumby. Bronwen Warner started the initiative in honour of Gumby, her beloved brother who died seven years ago. The idea is for people who have lost someone important to join in and ‘move’ around the world together while remembering their loved ones. Participants can run, walk, swim, cycle or move in any way they choose and then log the distance they’ve covered. They may also choose to share their experiences as they go. The total distance travelled is being charted on a map, with the aim of circling the world by September 2021 – when Gumby would have celebrated his 40th birthday. You can find all the details here.

Beyond Recovery has its own wellbeing channel, called Beyond TV. There you can find a variety of inspirational talks and live events: