The Beyond Recovery team is currently gearing up for its own 60-minute programme on National Prison Radio. The programme will be recorded on 24th February and scheduled for its first airing at 12:00 on Monday 8th March 2021.


The Prison Radio Association owns National Prison Radio, which is the world’s first national radio station for prisoners, made by prisoners. The Prison Radio Association aims to contribute to a reduction in reoffending using the power of radio. So, there is a natural fit with Beyond Recovery, which reduces reoffending through its work with prison residents.

Radio presenter, Brenda Birungi, will be hosting Beyond Recovery’s programme. She is a talented poet who goes by the stage name Lady Unchained. Jacqueline Hollows, Derrick Mason and Omar Wilson, the founder and directors of Beyond Recovery, will join her to talk about the social enterprise’s role in helping people live happier and more fulfilled lives, in prison and beyond.


In the run-up to Beyond Recovery’s programme on National Prison Radio, an advertisement for the social enterprise is airing over four weeks. The clever ad, titled ‘Chip Story’, was scripted by Jacqueline, Derrick and Omar, and recorded by Duewaine, a National Prison Radio presenter. Like Derrick and Omar, Duewaine has lived experience of prison and the criminal justice system.

Beyond Recovery’s advertisement will continue to run on National Prison Radio until Sunday 9th May. You can listen to it here:


The programme itself is scheduled to air as follows:

Monday 8th March – 12:00 and 18:00

Monday 12th April  – 12:00 and 18:00


Jacqueline Hollows, founder of Beyond Recovery, said: “We are so excited at the prospect of making a programme with National Prison Radio. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reach many more people in prison with our message of support and to help them see it’s possible to move forward with hope, resilience and purpose in life. Derrick and Omar’s lived experience is testament to that, and I don’t doubt that hearing their stories will have a big impact on everyone who tunes in to listen.”

 Derrick Mason added: “Making a National Prison Radio programme is a real highlight for our team. The addition of a radio show to our Distance Learning Programmes will make a big difference to prison residents, who we can’t visit in person because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and who learn in various ways. We are grateful to Goodwill Solutions CIC, who awarded us a grant for making the radio programme.”