Prison television channel, Wayout TV, is showing a special video series from Beyond Recovery (BR) across its prison network. This is an exciting development for the BR team as it provides a unique opportunity to reach people in their cells directly, despite the severe restrictions on prison visits due to COVID-19.

Educational TV

Wayout TV is the educational television channel developed by PeoplePlus in prisons, for prisons. Its primary objective is to educate, inform and communicate to residents in their cells, in an engaging and prisoner-centric manner.

Beyond Recovery has created its new video series with the guys from its related community group, Beyond Truth. Derrick Mason, Omar Wilson, Thulani Khamulo, Alfie Chambers and Christopher Mavinga came across Beyond Recovery at HMP Onley when they took part in its Three Principles-based group programme. The understanding they gained was life-changing for them all. The video series is being broadcast in prisons for a month and sees the five men talk honestly about their experience and how life looks to them now.

Lived experience

Jacqueline Hollows, Beyond Recovery’s founder, said: “We are so pleased that Wayout TV is supporting us because we know videos can make a big impact on the people in prison who watch them. The Beyond Truth guys have lived experience of prison, so they are totally relatable. And, because they speak from the heart and articulate their experience brilliantly, we know the message they share is compelling.”

Derrick Mason, Project Co-ordinator for Beyond Recovery and Beyond Truth founder member, added: “We are proud of the videos we’ve created and excited that they’ll be shown in prisons over the next few weeks. Our purpose is to make a difference to people in prison and our own communities, so getting our message out there is a significant step.”

You can find out more about PeoplePlus and Wayout TV here. To view the video series from Beyond Recovery in association with Beyond Truth, visit our YouTube channel.