Social Enterprise Mark CIC recently awarded Beyond Recovery with Aspiring Social Enterprise accreditation. This shows that Beyond Recovery has proved its commitment to social enterprise principles.

Social enterprise excellence

Social Enterprise Mark CIC is the international social enterprise accreditation authority. It developed the Aspiring Social Enterprise accreditation to support organisations working towards social enterprise excellence.

The organisation provides clear standards for the social enterprise sector and also recognises and builds the capabilities of social enterprises as competitive, sustainable businesses that are dedicated to maximising social impact.

Setting standards

Social Enterprise Mark has been operating as a social enterprise itself for a decade. Its mission is to ensure that the social enterprise business model remains ethical, credible and commercial through accreditation.

As the only internationally available social enterprise accreditation, Social Enterprise Mark enables organisations to prove that they are in business primarily to create benefits for people and the planet.

Beyond Recovery, which works to promote mental health in prison and beyond, falls into this category and will now work towards full accreditation.

Next steps

Jacqueline Hollows, founder of Beyond Recovery, said of receiving Aspiring Social Enterprise accreditation:

“We are pleased and proud to receive this accreditation as a significant step on the path to achieving social enterprise good practice and excellence. We look forward to being supported by Social Enterprise Mark as we work towards attaining full accreditation, which will help us to demonstrate our commitment to social ethos.”

You can read more about Social Enterprise mark and Beyond Recovery’s accreditation here.