Jacqueline Hollows, founder of social enterprise, Beyond Recovery, has been thinking of ways to keep human connection strong at a time when we must all keep physical distance between each other due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Consequently, Jacqueline and the Beyond Recovery team have decided to offer a regular space for conversation online.

This will be every Monday evening at 6pm UK time for those who would like to join.  Jacqueline said: “Bring your coffee or tea and a cosy blanket!  We can all sit on our sofas, connect virtually and talk about whatever comes to mind”.

It is an open invitation to anyone who would like to connect. Joining instructions are detailed below.

Furthermore, inspired by the humanity that Jacqueline has seen in recent days, including numerous acts of kindness, she has penned the following:

Fear not…

Fear not my friends, my people, my soul
Fear not this time of isolation, of quarantine, of disruption
For it is a gift to stop and take stock
To wonder
To slow down and see life anew
To notice where creation goes and follow it
To lift our heads and drop our busy minds

A time when the normal is no longer normal
A time when life is no longer as we knew it
A time to reflect, to pause, to still
A time to care, to regroup, to wait

I notice around the world how kindness is erupting
In all sorts of places
And spaces
And hearts
Were the forced stillness is causing us to look out for others
To drop ego
To stop ploughing on, flying on, striving on

Our hearts go out to vulnerable ones
To those that need our support
Need our care
To those we may lose
There is space to think of others now
And in that space
Consciousness swells, it delights, it washes the earth
It cleanses our minds

Fear not my friends, my people, my soul
This is a gift to us all

Zoom Meeting

To join Beyond Recovery’s weekly call – Monday 18:00hrs DST – click on this link: