Beyond Recovery was delighted to be invited to Prague and Bucharest this spring to speak at the Understanding Human Mind Conference in both cities

Organised and hosted by the Human Potential Academy – a non profit dedicated to uncovering potential in children.

Prague March 2019

Jacqueline Hollows spoke at the Prague event and ran two workshops. Talking about her work in prisons in the UK and stories of the potential and transformation her and her team are witnessing across all populations.

The workshops were very popular …..

Bucharest June 2019

The Bucharest conference was a milestone for Beyond Recovery as the talks were presented by Jacqueline and Alfie Chambers, one of the Inside Practitioners who has turned his life around from one of addiction and crime to finding clarity, peace of mind and freedom.

Alfie and Jacqueline shared the stage and held the audience captive as Alfie told bits of his story and his transformational thinking. Gentle and profound Alfie answered many questions about anxiety, depression and addiction that the audience were interested in.

In this short video Alfie and Jacqueline describe why the understanding of mind is relevant to all human beings