Freedom of Mind Creates Mental Health in Prisons

Beyond Recovery is seeking to gain more funding to help more people in need by pitching for crowdfunding via Virgin Business’s well known VOOM programme which seeks to reward innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Here is our founder Jacqueline Hollow’s pitch in full:

With over 20 years in the IT industry and in leadership roles I was seeking a career change in 2010 when I re-trained as a life coach. That training introduced me to an innovative psychological paradigm called the Three Principles and I was deeply impacted by their logic and simplicity. Knowing that we all have innate wellbeing and that we often misunderstand where our experience of life is coming from, I realised that I could share this understanding with people who were suffering and help them create their own solutions regardless to adverse life challenges. Having been intrigued and researched addictions and their treatments I started voluntary work teaching the new paradigm and eventually founded Beyond Recovery C.I.C whose mission is to revolutionise the way addictions and mental health are viewed and treated and to eliminate stigma.

After struggling to ‘sell’ the idea to the addiction services in Birmingham I managed to convince the substance misuse service manager at Phoenix Futures in HMP Onley to pilot our programme for a year. That project was re-commissioned for a second and third year and since then I have also been commissioned at HMP Rye Hill.

I continue to work in a hands on capacity, delivering workshops and growing a team of practitioners as well as creating business opportunities, project management, bid writing and everything else that needs doing!

I love my work and the people I work with, especially because the impact is huge, both on theindividual and the ripple affects it creates. I am passionate about creating change from within and creating hope within people who have previously considered this to be unavailable to them. I am excited by the potential impact this has on society and the world.

You can see Jacqueline pitch to Sir Richard in the video below.

Help us help more people

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