No one is taking any notice.

Behaviour is the focus.

But no one has noticed what’s happening in addition.

Not even me!

Have they stopped fighting at the servery?

Are they a risk to other prisoners and officers?

Has their wellbeing increased?

Has their anxiety reduced?

Are they reconnecting with their families?

Has their anger and violence reduced?

Are they more interested in education and in learning?

Has their depression reduced?

Do they have a more meaningful life?

Have they desisted from re-offending?

We can answer in the positive to all of these metrics. Many of the men we work with at both HMP Rye Hill and HMP Onley are experiencing peace of mind regardless to their current circumstances. Which leads to these impressive changes in behaviour and mental attitude.

But what about the meds?

Forget the illegal drugs (reduced or stopped by the way)

What about the anti-depressants; anti-anxiety pills; anti-psychotic pills; sleeping pills; drug substitutes such as methadone, subotex, to name two; pills for schizophrenia, pills for personality disorders, pills for just trying to feel human?


I’ve been whispering it but no one is taking any notice.

Time to shout.

When people feel better about life and themselves they experience mental shifts great enough to lead to realisations for themselves about what they need and what they don’t need!

Just saying.

(inspired by Bonnie Burstow)